A Discussion on Various Paint Removal techniques

Home renovation is an important part of standard living at the present moment and people often take up this task once in 3-4 years. Though the home gets a great look after the task has been completed successfully, various steps involved in the task can be quite technical and important to follow. Apart from selecting the right shade of color for the home and the right finish, it is important to think about how the old coatings are going to be removed.

If you are planning to take up the task of renovating your home, you should think carefully about using the best paint stripping methods for the surface and paint type that you are removing – such as wood, plaster or metal.

Sanding: This is the most traditional method of removing paint from all surfaces. Sandpapers of various grades can be used depending upon the paint thickness and underlying surface. This method liberates a large amount of dust that users can inhale quite easily. They are advised to use masks while using sand papers.

Heat Gun/ Blowtorch: The basic technique behind a blowtorch or heat gun is similar. Both these tools use heat to loosen the grip of the paint from the surface, it is especially effective on wood and metal pieces. Care should be taken not to burn or damage the underlying surface. The users must rotate the face of the heat gun or the blowtorch above the area so that the heat is spread across the surface area.

Chemical paint stripper: This is the common way of removing paint from wood and metals. As the name itself indicates, this paint remover is made up of various types of chemicals. This type of product is usually effective on most paints. However, they can be harmful for the user and the environment.. Professional contractors should be hired if large areas are to be stripped using this type of product as a certain amount of safety and security measures are generally required with these products.

Water-based paint stripper: This is the safest paint removal method, these products are water based and contain a blend of natural materials. They are effective on most paint types and do not damage the underlying surface. These products are suitable for use by the home owner as they do not require any specialist safety or security measures

Stripping Paint from Alloy Wheels

How to Remove Paint from Alloy Wheels Effectively

Summary: Getting rid of unwanted paint from alloy wheels can be a dangerous task, traditionally it uses hazardous chemicals containing materials such as methylene chloride, hydrofluoric acid or cresols and phenols. These materials are extremely hazardous and have led to many injuries and in a few sad cases, death. The task can be carried out more safely with Biostrip Wheel Stripper


Alloy Wheels are one of the most important parts of modern vehicles and are used in motorcycles and other vehicles such as cars and trucks. Most of the luxury cars on the market today have intricately designed alloy wheels. These wheels are attractive to look at. Alloy wheels can be damaged easily, simply by hitting a high curb or in a collision. Replacement is extremely expensive, so repair is becoming very commonplace. Also, as modern vehicles last longer and the secondhand market expands, car owners spend time improving the cosmetic appearance of their cars. Changing the colour of alloy wheels is now very popular and many companies offer this service.

During the repair of an alloy wheel, or prior to any colour change or repaint, the old coating must be completely removed. Most wheels have a base coat, or primer under the top coat. This can be extremely difficult to remove as it is chemically bonded to the aluminium. Standard “paint strippers” do not generally remove this base coat.

There are a few ways to successfully remove the coatings from an alloy wheel. One of these methods is shot blasting, but it can be quite costly and is not always suitable for everybody as it requires very specialist equipment. If it is not carried out correctly it can easily damage the underlying aluminium surface.

If you are keen to know about an effective method of removing paint from alloy wheels, then you should look at some of the modern dedicated wheel stripping products.Wheel Stripper is very successful with respect to its availability, pricing, and effectiveness. This product provides great results as far as removing paint from alloy wheels is concerned.

Steps involved in the process:

Fill a stainless steel tank with a quantity of Wheel Stripper

Heat to above 60C

Immerse the alloy wheels (strip times are usually from 2 hours upwards, although some German wheels can take circa 4 hours or more)

Increasing the temperature towards 80C will reduce strip times

The paint is usually stripped off in large sheets, if a mesh basket is used to hold the wheels this will also act as a filter and “trap” much of the removed paint

Benefits of using Wheel Stripper:

It does not contain hazardous Methylene chloride

No expensive additives required

does not damage the alloy, thus can be left overnight

cost effective

Removing unwanted paint from alloy wheels has become easier with the wheel strippers available in the market today. These products are designed specifically to remove the primers from modern OEM alloy wheels.

For further information see http://biostrip.co.uk/paint-stripper-wheel

Get the Best Advantages of Water-based Paint Strippers from Biostrip

The whole range of paint stripping products from Biostrip are manufactured for a safer experience. They use water as the base solvent , they do not contain hazardous solvents such as methylene chloride, this is why they strip all paints without causing any harmful side effects.

Biostrip is well aware of the risk factors associated with removing various types of paint. This task is quite difficult and tedious as it traditionally involves the use of dangerous solvent-based paint strippers. As the name itself indicates, these strippers are manufactured using harmful chemicals . In order to avoid these chemicals, and make paint removal a less hazardous task, Biostrip have developed a wide range of water-based paint strippers.

Biostrip products are suitable for use in all areas of paint removal, there are products available for Artex and textured paint removal. The Artex Remover is very effective as it forms a gel, so is safe for use on the older, asbestos containing Artex, as no dust is generated. This type of product is ideal for home owners who need to remove layers of Artex before they can start to renovate their home. Like all Biostrip products, Artex Remover is water based thus safer than traditional methylene chloride based products.

Biostrip has gained a favourable reputation amongst its industrial customers, primarily due to its immersion strippers. These strippers also use water as their base solvent, making them safer than traditional products which were based upon methylene chloride and cresols. Due to their improved safety profile, these immersion strippers are safer for human environment, they do not fume and are virtually odour free. However, these strippers are still extremely effective on even the most persistent paints, such as chrome based primers, that are difficult to remove by any other means. The task of paint stripping becomes easier with this large range of paint strippers from Biostrip.

The company also has a large range of ancillary products that can be used by paint stripping professionals when working on different tasks. These ancillary products include items such as: coveralls, paint scraper, brushes etc as well as hard surface cleaners, de-icers and algae removers.

Many of these products from Biostrip can be purchased locally. However, Biostrip does have a large internet presence. Products can be purchased online from their eCommerce website. All products are competitively priced and discounts are available for multiple orders. Although primarily a UK store, products can be posted abroad.

The above benefits have added to the popularity of these products and that is why their demand is increasing quite consistently. The future prospects of these products are very good indeed.

About the Company: Biostrip has become an extremely popular name both in the home and in industry due to its paint stripping products. Amongst its range of products the company has earned a good reputation because of immersion strippers and Artex Removal products.

Tips for stripping paint from Wood

Summary: Stripping paint from wooden surfaces can be a tricky task, certain precautionary measures should be taken when removing paint from such surfaces.


Removing paint from any type of surface, including wood, is a time-consuming task. However, the task can be simplified by using certain techniques. These techniques are very effective and allow for simple stripping of paint from wooden surfaces such as doors, furniture and skirting boards. For large areas it is often a good idea to hire a professional paint stripper. Nevertheless, homeowners can embark on these tasks themselves if they are careful and plan what they are doing.

The following tips are very good for removing paint from wooden surfaces:

  • Move the wooden item, in the case of furniture or similar, to a clear, flat area where it is safe to work. For fixtures and fittings such as window frames, make sure the surrounding area is clear and any items that aren’t being stripped are covered up if they can’t be moved.

  • Deciding the right method for removing paint is essential. Generally, people use sand paper or scrapers for this task. Though these methods are effective, they take a long time and a lot of physical effort to remove the paint completely. They also generate a lot of dust. Chemical paint strippers are popular, these are extremely effective on wooden surfaces. However some strippers are highly alkaline which can damage the surface of the wood. Some chemical strippers contain hazardous ingredients so care should be taken to select the right product. It is essential that the instructions on the paint stripper are followed correctly.

  • Heat guns and blowtorches can damage a wooden surface, so if this method is used care must be taken. This technique is often best left to the professionals.

  • Having patience is a critical factor for the success of this task. Paint stripping can be a time consuming and physical task. It is also very messy. Even chemical strippers can take a long time, particularly if there are a numbers of paint layers to remove, or the paint has been applied thickly.

  • You must consider the impact of the paint stripper you are using on yourself and the environment.

  • Following the instructions issued by the manufacturers, both for application and health and safety, is essential.

The above tips are useful for anyone who is thinking about stripping paint from wood

FUZE takes off


March has really seen sales of the FUZE brand start to increase. There has been particular interest in the moss removers. The days are now beginning to lengthen and despite the sudden cold spell, spring really is just around the corner.

Gardeners are considering their “first cut” of the year, if they haven’t already taken the plunge. So it is definitely  time to start tidying up. Moss Kill is excellent at removing that green colouration that can be seen on, for example, wooden fencing, decking and patio’s.
One or two applications now will see you through the summer.
Floor cleaner  has also become popular. This heavy duty cleaner, designed primarily for factory floors, is absolutely perfect for anything, from a painted garage floor to a kitchen floor, or kitchen work surface.
Keep an eye on the FUZE section of the website. as this range is being extended.

mosskill_pro_5lts_thumbfuze_deicer_5_lts_thumballoywheelthumb fuze_engine_deg_5lts_thumb


For more information on the new FUZE range click HERE

Biostrip Ltd Sponsor Ladies Football Team

Biostrip Ltd are proud to sponsor Crewe Alexandra Ladies Football Club.

The first team play in the North West Regional Premier League, and will now be wearing the Biostrip name on their away shirts. The ladies have had a great start to the season, winning their last 3 matches convincingly.

The club has  set up an under 18’s  team for the first time this season to prepare the girls for “open” football.
Training for both teams is at the Soccer Centre in Shavington, Crewe.

The girls take the new kit for a test run

Biostrip Stripping Kits

WHEREVER they are in the world, convenience is something that is important to all of our customers.

From product choice and ordering to a satisfying end result; Biostrip’s water-based, high-performance range offers you peace of mind – no matter how stressful the job you face.

Because this assurance is so important to our customers, Biostrip have created the Biostrip Plus Stripping Kit Range; the one-stop solution for your paint stripping needs – and all at a price that’s right.

Biostrip 5L Stripping Kit contains all you could need to finish larger stripping jobs to a faultless standard:

  • 1 disposable 2-inch paint brush
  • 1 disposable 1-inch paint brush
  • 5-pack disposable, powder-free, Nitrile rubber gloves
  • re-usable coverall (one size)
  • soft-grip scraper
  • empty 500ml pot
  • 5L container of Biostrip 20 All-Purpose Paint Stripper

This fantastic kit contains a large brush and a small brush for those larger and more intricate Biostrip applications, five pairs of protective gloves which combined with the re-usable coverall gives you total protection from (non-toxic) spills and drips. The 500ml empty pot is a great and convenient way to transport Biostrip from the large container for ease of distribution.


Biostrip 500ml Stripping Kitis a smaller version of the 5 Litre kit; specifically designed for smaller paint stripping jobs around the home:

  • 1 disposable 2-inch paint brush
  • 1 disposable 1-inch paint brush
  • 5-pack disposable, powder-free, Nitrile rubber gloves
  • re-usable coverall (one size)
  • soft-grip scraper
  • 500ml pot of Biostrip 20 All-Purpose Paint Stripper

This great little kit is ideal for those smaller jobs around the home which don’t require a great deal of paint stripping.





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